Still Mine

by D Lamar



Another HOT ONE!! When you haven't seen that person in so long...but you wanna still, eat it, beat it, I mean treat it like its still yours!! lol.

LRC on the track, D Lamar on the Vocals, our formula is make a hit, period!


Still mine

Our heads touching
and your tears running
I kiss that pain away
I kiss that thang and say
Who hurt you
When you hurt
I do too
Lift that leg up and
Touch my face
And plead yo case baby
I miss that taste baby
10 minutes away, but you know I'm going 80 girl

It's been a long time, you are so fly
Let me treat it, Like it's still mine
It's been a long time, there's no stop sign
Let me treat it, like it's still mine

Telling my story is therapy
And now I have spoken like Jeremy
Come feel my flame, I am kerosene
Black hole sun, I will melt everything
How can I still be a human being
There is no Cupid for you to see
Love feels like lunacy
The fuck did you do to me
What do I need,to still believe.
My heart is with you, it's not on my sleeve
There is no you except in my dreams
Can't accept reality, so I accepted my dreams

You always cried to me
I could never be
nigga you
I tried to be
You lied to me
This feels right to me
A sexy ass sight to see
I swear it said hi to me

D Lamar


released August 17, 2014
Produced by LRC
Written and Performed by D Lamar



all rights reserved


D Lamar Oakland, California

The Outlet EP! 4.99
Still Mine! 1.00
The Turn Around! 1.00
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