I See You

by D Lamar



This can be described as R&B, because I am singing about a new love on it, the beat is fantastic, and different. Very adventurous. The song is detailing, someone who lost faith in love, and is now in awe that he has found a new person to love. But there is a twist at the end of the song. Along with a nice beat change.


Blinded by her beauty, blinded by our past, I never thought i could make a new love last.
Never believed the stories about the greener grass
But I'd rather play wit the love of my past
And like the future I couldn't see you , couldn't see how suddenly it could be you

But I see you now
Yea I see you
Yea I see you now
Yea I see you
looking good girl
You lookin good girl.
Yea I see you now
Yea I see you now
Ya lookin good girl
Ya lookin good girl
So yea I see you
Yea I see you

More sexy than ever
A new prize to treasure
I admit I get possessive
If you let me hold you for awhile
I'll probably never give you back
Just know I got some work to do so keep me on track
I'm yours now, together kicking doors down

But I see you now
Yea I see you now
You looking good girl
You looking good girl.

Headed to the stage and I see her in the front row. Standing next to some dumb ho. Almost waved but I told myself no.
Grab the water bottle and take two gulps
Can't believe she's standing there looking like the minute right before we met. Pockets vibrating I think she sent a text.
My nerves bad, I'm too scared to check.
She always said. she'd be my biggest fan if I ever made it.
But I'm ready to rock
Like tenacious d versus satan
What's she doing here? I hear the beat drop. That's my queue
hope she read lips, cause I just whispered I love you, look back,chick waves and smiles... I forgot I'm fuckin someone new...


released September 13, 2014
Produced by LRC
Written/Performed by D Lamar
Mixed by SK

Planet Axiom 2014



all rights reserved


D Lamar Oakland, California

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